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Announcing EK's PTR Mondays!

Zate GM posted Sep 16, 14

EK mythic raiding is coming to the PTR starting this Monday 9/29 during our normal 9pm-12am PT raid hours!  We are going to shoot to do this every Monday on the PTR PvP server Broxigar (US) until 6.0 goes live.

Sadly this was a bust, 2 weeks and Character copy still isn't working.  Not giving up yet though! We may try to get a Mythic raid going on Beta stay tuned for details....

Zate GM On PTR the character copy button is gone now >.<
Zate GM Sadly this PTR thing seems like a bust no character copy for 2 weeks now :( Maybe we should see if we can't get a norma ...
Bangrim Still not able to character copy :/ It works for me in Beta, dont know why it isn't in PTR.

EK's Knight Team Rides Again!!

Zate GM posted Aug 26, 14

We were going to wait until 6.0 but due to a stream of new apps and a raid that is constantly sitting at ~35 people were are bringing back EK's Knight team earlier than planned!

Here is what you need to know:

  • Tues Sept 9th - All guild meeting.  This will be an informational meeting.  Anyone interested in joining the K team or the guild should attend this meeting.  All team leads (we have 5 teams) will share info about theirs teams and the raiders they are looking for etc.

  • Weds Sept 10th - Knight team starts back up.  The goal is 25H but if we lack quality raiders we will keep it at 10H.  Once 6.0 hits this will be a Mythic (20m) team.  The team goal will be to clear SoO BEFORE WoD launches.

Please feel free to sign up now

Zate GM 9/14 first week good job team. New event is posted ...
Zate GM 6/14 first night! Looking to go 10/14 this week or better ...
Zate GM Today is the DAY! Still looking for a MT that is appropriately geared and experienced please PM zate#1319 if interested ...
Zettaira D'aros Great job ...
Zate GM The night of our kill it said 208, next day 209.... apparently 212 now??
Not too shabby for a guild that started the tier 3 months late.  Our first 25N raid was on Dec 4th, long after most of the guilds ahead of us had Normal Garrosh on farm.  Thanks to everyone for your contribution in making this happen.  You should all be very proud!

SS incoming!

Zettaira D'aros OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW YOU GUYS COULD DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Theodim Me like it!!! Congrats to all.
Gremzy Gratz on the kill gang!
Zettaira D'aros I believe in you all that you can do it! Go get em EK!
Bjeorn GRAAAATTTTSSS!!!!!!!!
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